Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Silenta – This Is My Time EP

Something a little bit different for TIWWD cos this is a three-track EP that I guess you'd file under 'funky breaks'. Er, mostly. The title track starts out with a vaguely ska-y feel, then in the middle in comes a brass section and a spoken Spanish vocal. It reminds me a bit of Stereo MCs, too. Rock The House is more your straight-up funky breaks, the kind of groovy number that makes you wish you were at a some crazy 60s wigout with rich chicks in two-tone minidresses and those ace haircuts that I don't know what they're called. And then Guruji is a more midtempo kind of affair that Lemon Jelly would be proud of.

All in all, this would slot in nicely somewhere between the less full-on side of breakbeat, and the current crop of 'new old' funk. Imagine The Killer Meters had just played, and the Plump DJs were gonna go on in a bit, and you had to DJ in-between. Say, at Big Chill on a sunny evening about 7pm. That's when you'd want to reach for this.

About the label: This is on Rocstar, a label whose A&R policy I can't fathom at all. They do a lot of nasty bang-y/electro-y business with rubbish shouty vocals… but then they also do stuff like this, or the totally ace Classic by Cut La Roc which I reviewed in the last iDJ (for the Warehouse pages). Go figure. Anyway, I think it's actually Cut La Roc's label, and here's their MySpace.

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