Monday, 10 August 2009

54 Music - The Truth About Kwango EP

What we have here is a four-tracker that will suit those who like their house deep and head-y. First up is The Truth by MidiDropMusic, which in its original form is straight-up late night dreamaway sofa bizniss; it then gets ruffed up a bit by Detroit's Kris Wadsworth (who garnered a Top Tune slot on iDJ's house pages a few months back with the excellent Mainline). An added "Detroit is alive and well" spoken vocal should help further this rub's dancefloor appeal.

Then you have Kwango by Sebastian Davidson. The original mix here is an ultra-deep number with a surprising amount of funk to its simple, repetitive groove. Things then get a little busier on the brilliantly titled Foolish Horse Zulu Remix, thanks to the addition of some African hand percussion and chanting.

All in all, it's worth checking out for those into the more cerebral end of house, and it's out now.

About the label: As the name suggests this is on 54 Music, which is a new label based in London. They have two sides, 54 Music Light and 54 Music Dark - this is a Light release – which they describe as "broken beat, deep house, nu-jazz" and "techno, tech house and minimal techno" respectively. All of which I've just learned from peeping their MySpace, where you can also hear the tracks for yourself.

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