Monday, 31 August 2009

Adam Beyer - Something Good To Die For

Not normally a big fan of most techno, nor indeed of most of Mr Beyer's releases TBH, but with house and techno currently so close thanks to the deluge of post-minimal bizniss, I could imagine finding a place in a set for the three tracks featured here, which see AB going down a slightly groovier and more house-ified kinda route. I'm particularly liking Don't Forget The Joker – partly because of the wonky bass noises near the end, partly because of the Motorhead reference in the title. Oh yeah, and spot what sounds like a cheeky La Luna reference in She Wears A Thorn Crown, too…

About the label: This is on Mad Eye, which is an offshoot of Beyer's own Drumcode. Read all about Drumcode, Mad Eye and third label in the family Truesoul Records here.

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