Wednesday, 5 August 2009

To Ricciardi feat Coldfinger - Night Flowers EP

To Ricciardi is a Brazilian DJ/producer who's been based in Lisbon since the early ’90s. The hype sheet lists a load of projects he's been involved in but I've never heard of them… anyway, Night Flowers is a pretty cool little tech-house mover in three mixes. Moribundo's mix is techier, Beckers' mix is housier (and apparently already licensed by Dave Seaman for his next Renaissance comp), while Scots disco boy Milton Jackson surprises with a mix that's got a strong scent of minimal about it. All three are decent floor fodder.

About the label: This is on Wolf Records, the new "tech-house/techno/minimal" offshoot of Portuguese label Flow (it says here). They've got a website but it doesn't seem to be working yet. Ah well. Maybe it will be by the time you read this. Who can say?


  1. hi, my name is John I heard this song. "To Ricciardi feat Coldfinger - Night Flowers EP"
    and I love it. do you know how or where I can buy it? thanks

  2. Sorry, just seen this! Er, don't know but there's an email link on the website (link above) so maybe approach them direct?

  3. Tó Ricciardi is no brazilian dj! He's a portuguese dj (took a degree in Audio Engineering at Gateway school of music & technology of London)who lived in Brazil and in the UK.
    Is one of the pioneers of the "A Paradise Called Portugal" dance music movement started by Danny Tennaglia and portuguese DJ Vibe.
    He started is own label called Nylon and he has many projects such as Moribundo, Shelter A v, Erotic Sardines.