Monday, 31 August 2009

I Am The Woodstar - Linda Kasabian Talks

Don't know much about IATW except they used to be called I Am The Woodstar (Not The Monkey Star), which was an even better name, and also reminds me of Jimmy Saville's oldies show on Radio 1 back in the 80s when he used to give out points for remembering obscure shizzle in brackets.

Anyway, apparently – one quick Google later – it's two guys from Nottingham. And I guess I'd describe their sound as coming from the slightly more leftfield end of deep house. Anyway I like it. Here you get the title track, plus Bring Me Down, Friday Nights In and two mixes of Starter For 10, one of which uses a very famous vocal and the other of which is called 'Tribute To The Free Party Mix', which I guess gives away their East Midlands connections.

Spoddy/spooky point: Linda Kasabian was the member of the Manson Family whose testimony convicted them, and you can find the US TV documentary from which the eponymous sample is taken from here, if you've a mind to.

About the label: Like I said I'm no expert but here's their MySpace where they claim to also have a proper website though it doesn't seem to work right now...

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