Monday, 31 August 2009

Bang Bang - Love Insurance

This is on a new label outta Leeds, and having grown up in the Leeds/Bradford area, I'm only too happy to push new house talent from the land of the white rose*! That said, there's no need for regional nepotism cos this is ace anyway.

The original of Love Insurance has a touch of the disco-house about it on the Original and Hector Moralez mixes, then it gets taken (unsurprisingly) deeper by yer man Dermarkus Lewis on his three rubs – he turns in a Remix, Dub and Late Night Dub, of which the latter is my fave by far. Proper deep, yagetmi?

*That's unless Bang Bang turn out to be Leeds United fans… in which case this is shit. BC, BC, BCFC okay! LOL

About the label: As mentioned, this is on a new label outta Leeds called Baker Street. Here's their MySpace, so keep an eye out.

Shout out also to my man Ian at Kahua for sending, have a peep at the Kahua website when you get a sec, cos A) Ian's runnin' tings when it comes to pushing quality house in the UK right now and B) there's an online store where you can buy downloads and - gasp! - vinyl of the many Kahua-associated releases you'll read about on this blog and in the pages of iDJ.

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