Monday, 31 August 2009

Oliver Moldan - Floating Bye

Coming from that deep/prog/tech crossover zone, Floating Bye comes in a range of mixes. Jon Rundell's is too tech-y for me but the Original and Lucca mixes do the deep prog thing pretty well, Lucca's being the far more mainroom-friendly of the two. However, it's all about the Martin Eyerer remix for me.

Eyerer has been on superb form with his own productions lately – I just reviewed the excellent Pianoroll (with Benno Blomme, on Great Stuff) and Southern Soul (with Glimpse, on Buzzin' Fly) for iDJ – and this remix sees him ploughing the same deep-as-you-like furrow, with an understated walking two-note bassline adding a dose of funkology to proceedings. Me like.

About the label: Don't know much about Sound Of Acapulco but here's their website

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