Thursday, 30 July 2009

Yousef feat Derrick Carter - Legacy

When two of the biggest names in house from either side of the Atlantic team up, you'd expect the results to be pretty good, and thankfully Legacy is. It's a housier affair than Yousef's recent album A Collection Of Scars And Situations, though there's a definitely techy feel to the beats. Mr Carter supplies a spoken vocal that also provides continuity between this release, and his Squaredancing In A Roundhouse album. Not much else to say, really: Legacy is a bit tougher and more big-room than I'd play in my own DJ sets (ha! like there's many of them!) but it's good all the same.

Release details: This is on Renaissance, a label I shouldn't really have to explain, and it's available now from Beatport, or next week from a bunch of other download sites.

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