Thursday, 30 July 2009

Filipsson & Lindblad - A Splendor In The Grass

Coming at you on Tirk Recordings offshoot Nang, this could be classed as nu-disco, certainly… but it could just as well be filed under deep house, albeit deep house with a strongly discofied edge, as Chicago-isms and old school Balearic flourishes abound within its 11 glorious tracks. So if disco and deep house are two of your favourite things, you’re gonna love this. Filipsson & Lindblad are an Icelandic/Finnish combo currently based in New York and Berlin, and this album features a track called ‘Daniel Wang Is My Neighbour’. Those two facts alone should make you want to buy it… if not, then suffice to say it’s an album that will please the house diehards and the trendy Hoxton disco cardigans in equal measure, and that’s no mean feat.

*** NB: This review was meant to go in the new iDJ, but didn't by accident. If it had done, it was getting nine stars. Ah well.

About the label: Tirk is one of the bastions of the nu disco movement, and Nang is one of its sub-labels. Read all about disco in all its many forms in the current issue of iDJ – the one with 'Shiny disco balls' on the cover – or find out more about Nang at their website. Or click here for the Tirk website.

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