Friday, 24 July 2009

Johnson Junior - On Fire

WAY upfront on this one cos it's not actually out for several months, but as this is only a one-track teaser promo thought it might as well go straight up…

On Fire they've called it, but what this actually is, is a remake of MK's classic Burning. And it's a pretty faithful cover, too, or at least faithful to what you imagine the track might sound like if it was made this year and not in 1992: you do get the full vocal, which I THINK has been resung though it's certainly very close to Alana's original.

I expected not to like this, seeing as Burning has to be in my all-time top 20 at least, but it's actually pretty groovy, and they haven't gone all OTT main room electro or anything at all. I can think of a few producers who could do with taking a leaf out of Johnson Junior's book in that respect.

About the label: This comes on Excessive Records, about whom I know nothing except they're based in Holland. They're not on Discogs and their website is under construction so I'm guessing it's a new label but I could be wrong. I am, occasionally.

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