Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Mr Morning - Stepped Into My Life

Not So Sound's best release ever, but a solid offering all the same from Mr Morning, whose previous single Tomorrow was one of the first TIWWD postings. Step Into My Life features a spoken vocal from Cinnamon over electronic house beats in a vaguely minimal-tinged, Dennis Ferrer/Quentin Harris kinda vein. The 'deep house and poetry' thing has been done, sure, but it works well enough here, and the use of vocal FX is an unusual touch in this kind of track.

Mix-wise you've got Vocal and Instrumental mixes, plus the Cool Ride Mix (basically a more subdued version of the Instrumental, with less synth stabs) and – the pick for dancefloor play – the Chris Hurley Mix, which emphasises the beats and largely dispenses with the prog/minimal-esque synths, making for a more straight-up house affair.

Hear the tracks: At the So Sound website here (you'll need to scroll down a bit when you get there, they're not in the player at the top)

About the label: As you might have twigged, this comes atcha on the ever-checkable So Sound out of Miami.

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