Friday, 10 July 2009

Khassino Vs Romina Johnson - Movin' Too Fast 2009

Not even sure if this is coming out properly, but hot on the heels of Hagenaar & Albrecht's surprisingly likeable remake of Adeva's In & Out (Of My Life) comes this refix of a UKG classic, now in a slightly bumpier style that's kind of 'funky house with a very slight electro twist'

I guess what you make of it will depend to a large extent what you made of UK garage in general, and Artful Dodger in particular, the first time around. Me, I loved the former and had a grudging soft spot for the latter, so I don't mind this (once the vocal gets going, anyway). Drop it in a bar-type situation and it'd do the biz I'm sure. Anyway you can HEAR IT FOR YOURSELF HERE and make your own mind up!

About the label: I'm not sure there is one, yet, or even if there ever will be, but keep an eye on H&A's MySpace for details! Oh yeah and while you're there you might notice they've been f***ing around with a DSK classic too...

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