Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Fingermonsters - Freaky People EP

Firstly – what a great name! How can we not love an act called The Fingermonsters? Thankfully the tuneage here delivers on the moniker's promise, too.

You get two mixes apiece of People and Freaky Wit Da Sound. The latter is a jackin' affair that will suit fans of Sneak, Carter etc down to the ground. It's got bags of energy, and its sufficiently twisted and techy to appeal to fans of Dirtybird, Playtime et al as well as more traditional deep house heads. People, meanwhile, is an altogether funkier affair, but still with that hefty boompty swing, that features a looping, treated vocal ("just can't figure out people/that like to talk about people" – not sure if it's a sample, any offers?), then unexpectedly turns into a wobbly bass-fest halfway through. It's big without being stupid, and that's a hard trick to pull off. It comes accompanied by a Jake Childs Remix, which is in a slightly more traditional 'bouncy deep house' vein and has East Midlands written all over it. Which is odd really seeing as he's from Texas.

About the label: This is the latest from Prismatic Recordings, Andrew Phelan's Moulton Studios-based imprint that is pretty much runnin' tings on the west coast at the moment, as far as I can see. Have a look at their website for more info. Or click here for an interesting interview with Jake Childs at Undergroundhouse.net.

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