Thursday, 30 July 2009

Various - Deep House Part 1

In an era of ‘post-minimal’ this and ‘tech-tinged’ that, it’s easy to forget what ACTUAL PROPER DEEP HOUSE sounds like. Allow Italian rulers of the deep Harley & Muscle to remind you, then, with a two-disc, 26-track collection of the kind of drifty, almost sub-aquatic but resolutely groovy tackle you may just find you’ve subconsciously been fiending for*. Artists featured include Dubbyman, Rick Wade, DJ Aakmael and Ray Valioso and no, I’ve not heard of most of them either – this is the real upfront, underground deal. It will also have the same effect on your ears that a massage and a nice hot bath might have on tired, aching bones. Just gorgeous.

*** Another review that was intended for iDJ... but then Dave Lee went and released a Sunburst Band album, and as he was very kindly guest-editing the issue we couldn't really not review it, so that went in instead at the last minute.

About the label: This is another excellent offering from Germany's Clubstar/Soulstar stable. They've been discussed on these (web) pages before but to find out more click here.

* That's a very iDJ thing to say. If I'd written this just for this blog, I'd ASSUME you were after quality deep bizniss like this.

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