Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Good Guys - Get Freaky

Five mixes here, but unless you're the kind of DJ who approaches promoters and says "Hello, I play over-blown electro-house with a huge cheese topping, and I can make your lowest common denominator punters scream like the idiots that they are", then we can safely ignore four of them.

However, just when you're about to start weeping silent tears for Mother House Music's poor defiled body, along comes Lojak, riding in like the Lone Ranger, who saves the day with a decidedly groovier mix that has nary an OTT synth nor an over-extended breakdown in sight, just a nice understated, loping house groove, then rides off into the sunset polishing his shiny pate and sucking on a lollipop, presumably heading to the nearest cocktail bar where he'll ask the barkeep to mix him a metaphor on the beach, shaken not stirred, with three fingers of ol' film reference as a chaser.

Anyway enough of that, basically the Lojak mix is cool, the rest is sub-trance, commercial electro-house bollocks. Capiche?

About the label: It's is on Housesession, which is a club/radio/label-type thingy based in Stuttgart (where dead pop stars go to drown, don't you know).  They tend to the big room side of things and have had releases from the likes of Michael Gray, Kid Massive and Armand Van Helden… oh and DJ Sneak. Their last single was Jack Beat by Tune Brothers, and was actually pretty good, so despite all the carping above let's not write them off. Get Freaky is out now.

PS Lojak might actually be two guys I think, but never mind

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