Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Skism - Rise Of The Idiots

One of the most immediately enticing dubstep tunes I've heard all year, Rise Of The Idiots samples extensively from Nathan Barley and, sonically, comes from that part of the spectrum where dubstep crosses over with rave and tear-out breakbeat… though tempo/beats-wise it's straight-up dubstep.

And, er, I haven't really got a lot more to say about it, to be honest. It's just a big, daft bassbin-destroyer that'll sound great on the proverbial big system. It comes backed by Back Off, which is in a similar vein though not quite as irresistible. No Nathan Barley, y'see.

About the label: It's on Wicky Lindows, which is the dubstep offshoot of Ollywood's Hardcore Beats imprint, in case you didn't know. Click on the link to hear the tracks yourself at the Wicky Lindows MySpace.

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