Friday, 10 July 2009

The Time & Space Machine - Children Of The Sun

The crossover between dance music and proper psychedelia has to be one of the least explored fusions there is… UNTIL NOW, as they used to say on Tomorrow's World. Because now SCIENTISTS have invented a crazy electronificated take on psych that really needs to be heard to be understood. Though when I point out that by 'scientists' I really mean Richard Norris, AKA the half of The Grid that wasn't previously one-half of Soft Cell, and latterly the half of Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve that isn't both halves of Erol Alkan, well, that might give you more of an idea what to expect.

Children Of The Sun, I can't help noticing, starts out on a very similar hypnotic rhythm to Valium 10 by the immortal Hawkwind. It then gets a bit hippy-dippy flower-powery with its vocal harmonies. And it's OUT THIS WEEK on a double AA-side with Zeitghost, which is an even more ’60s-ish, organ-driven, freakbeat kinda thing... kinda like The Spencer Davis Group jamming at Spectrum...

The unlikeliest genre collision since JD Twitch's dancefloor reworkings of anarcho-punk classics? Well, yes.

About the label: Children Of The Sun comes atcha on Tirk Recordings, the label born from the ashes of Nuphonic. Tirk is known best for its nu-disco kinda vibes, but label boss Sav Ramzi told me recently he doesn't want the label to be seen as a one-trick pony. This should help with that.

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