Friday, 24 July 2009

SupeRecordings Summer Sampler

SupeRecordings is a new label from the Solemusic/Tronicsole camp, and this is a sampler of three releases that'll be coming atcha over the next couple of months. Jaws by Baracus and OCD by Geoff M & Terence T both tread a slightly more main room and slightly more electro-fied house path than you might expect from the Glasgow boys (which is why they've started new label for them I guess). And then we get a 2009 re-edit of Daddy's Favourite I Feel Good Things For You, which should go down well in the current disco-obsessed times. Can we expect to see disco house/filter disco making a comeback, riding the coat-tails of the nu-disco/cosmic disco vogue? Be interesting to see, anyway.

Look out in iDJ for full reviews of all of these when they get proper releases.

About the label: This is what Geoff, Stevie & the rest of the Sole crew have to say about their new imprint. "SupeRecordings is a label dedicated to bringing top-notch house music made for the dance floor. Our artists will include the new breed of bright, shining new talent as well as some of the scenes more established names to bring you a positively superb line-up of releases. Expect first-class electronica, pulsing, hypnotic grooves, tripped out dubs, scorching vocals and throbbing, percussive rhythms."

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