Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tim Andresen – DTRT/A Day At The Terrace

Tim Andresen DTRT What Happens
Some very solid summer house vibes here, coming from my man Tim Andresen on his own What Happens imprint.

A-side DTRT is a fairly epic slab of deep-ish house, bordering on prog you could say only without getting all pompous and over-blown… and certainly without any nasty trance synths! It's a lolloping, bass-and-drums workout that's sure to see plenty of terrace plays this summer.

And speaking of which, B-side A Day At The Terrace is another percussion-led jam, with barely-there snatches of vocal buried deep in the mix and augmented with crowd noise, whistles and a touch of what sound suspiciously like pan pipes… again, it's tailor-made for dancing in the Ibiza sunshine, with a more musical and house-ified Dave Nash Remix adding some cool old school piano/organ sounds and an "Oh Lord yeah" female vocal sample.

Good stuff as ever from What Happens.

Out: This week

About: Find What Happens at their website or on Facebook. Should I also mention that they're from Copenhagen? Nah, you probably know that already.

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