Thursday, 12 July 2012

Raxon - Bassic Needs EP

Raxon Bassic Needs EP audio tonic
A nice easy two-tracker to get the ball rolling today, courtesy of Dubai-based audio tonic records.

The clue's in the title with Bassic Needs… big squelchy synth bass is the main ingredient here, topped with whispered vox and underpinned by crisp beats with something of a retro Chicago feel to them, albeit a little slowed down to fit into contemporary sets. The overall effect sits somewhere between deep house and Italo. Over on the B, meanwhile, What Just Happened usuals some very similar sounds (in particular, a 'shee-ooh' noise that reminds me of The Sims) but has just a little more loose-limbed funk in its veins.

I think it's the latter that's edging it for me but both tracks should keep 'em moving…

Out: This week

About: Raxon has had stuff out before on the likes of Plastic City, Baroque and Audio Therapy, so he's no newcomer. Unlike audio tonic, who are just 12 releases and about as many months old! Find 'em online here.

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