Thursday, 26 July 2012

Artist unknown - Sshh Edits 002

Sshh Edits 002
Plenty of activity in the Sleazy Deep/F*** House Music camp of late… for a start Sleazy Deep has a rather fine compilation out at the minute called Future Sleaze, which I'd heartily recommend you check out even though I never actually got around to reviewing it when it came out a few weeks back. And secondly, there's this.

'This' being the second in a series of ultra-limited 10-inch releases pressed on clear vinyl. So yes, that beeping you can hear is indeed your 'cheeky bootleg' detector going off, with the A-side here a very now-sounding deep/tech take on Moloko's Forever More, while the B-side is a late-night version of… er, something I don't actually know, with one of those 80s/Euro/synthpop vocals I'm really not so keen on myself.

No matter though, you might like it – and this is worth picking up for the Moloko refix anyway.

Out: Last week, this is one of those 'catch-up' reviews I was telling you about!

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