Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Acasual – Blue EP

Acasual Blue Deep Edition
Was the Anturage & Silvertone a bit too proggy for you? In that case, let's take a trip into properly deep pastures with this latest from the ever-reliable Deep Edition.

There are two tracks, in a total of four mixes. Blue itself is lazy, laidback and soul-infused, with snippets of (presumably sampled) jazz/blues-style vocal… it's summery but in a thoughtful, melancholic kinda way, while the remix from Matches ups the dancefloor ante somewhat with a throbbing, Chicago-y b-line. Still Got It, meanwhile, is textbook dreamy, late-night deep house in its original form, again coming with the sampled and heavily treated vox; label boss Martijn does the remix honours on this one but to be honest the two rubs are very similar, except that Martijn uses a little less of the vocal.

Still, if it's very deep and melodic vibes you're after, you won't go wrong here.

Out: This week on vinyl, digitally at the end of August.

About: Acasual hails from Luxembourg but is now based in Germany, while Deep Edition Recordings, as you no doubt know by now but I'll tell you anyway, are based in the northeast of England and can be found at their website, on Facebook and on Soundcloud.


  1. audiojack charted matches remix!

  2. He's doing well is that Matches chappy…