Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Blu Mar Ten – Love Is The Devil Remixes Pt 2

Blu Mar Ten Love Is The Devil Remixes
Here we have a second twelve of remixes of tracks taken from Blu Mar Ten's recent Love Is The Devil long-player*. And what a delightfully varied EP it turns out to be!

The Beginning, as remixed by Joe Syntax, is the one straight-up D&B cut here, a fine 90s-style stepper – hype sheet comparisons to Full Cycle are perfectly justified. Elsewhere though, Blu Mar Ten get taken into other territories entirely.

In the hands of newcomer Sincopate – who won a Kmag competition to get this opportunity – All Or Nothing, originally a fierce-ish D+B roller, becomes a sunny, proggy/Balearic house cut. But as uplifting and drifty as that is, it can't quite compete for me with Blue Skies… or rather the Unquote Remix thereof, which takes what was originally a glitchy, techy slice of minimal D+B and transforms it into a moody, ominous slab of the deepest dubstep that Burial or Youngsta themselves would be proud of.

So basically, three high-quality tracks that individually will appeal to a wide range of DJs, or that collectively should please anyone with a broad mind and a love of well-crafted electronic music. You can't ask for much more than that really – if only all remix EPs were as adventurous and inventive as this!

Out: This week

About: This is out on Blu Mar Ten's own self-titled label via ST Holdings… and it's a strictly limited 12" pressing so get yer skates on! Oh yeah, and you can also find BMT on Facebook and Soundcloud, naturally.

*Though, to be fair, you'd probably worked that out already.

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