Friday, 13 July 2012

Ilya Santana - Running To Your Love

Ilya Santana Running To Your Love Nang
Good old Nang and their dependable nu-disco grooves! It's not really essential, after all, for a label to reinvent themselves with every single release… sometimes it's better just to stick to what you're good at.  And nu-disco is something Nang are very good at indeed.

Not that they don't throw the occasional curveball to keep us on our toes, of course, but this is archetypal Nang fare: polished nu-disco from label fave Santana, with a wistful female vocal from Sylwia Van Der Wonderland. That said, with a total of eight mixes on offer from Robot Needs Oil, Brioski, Sportloto and Rayko, there's a decent amount of variation mix-wise, too: I'm not going into all eight individually, but the housier rubs from Robot Needs Oil and Brioski are the ones that are doing it best for me, particularly the latter's interesting fusion of deep house and Italo sounds, while Sportloto's laidback Omega Mix will serve you nicely for Sunday sessions and the like.

Overall, though: solid nu-disco fare from a label who are past masters of the art.

Out: This week

About: Here's where to find Nang online, or you can HEAR the Rayko mix here.

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