Wednesday, 18 July 2012

J Kar – Romance Symphony

J Kar Romance Symphony Nightbird Music
Quality bizniss as ever from Sebastian Davidson's Nightbird stable here, coming in four mixes.

In its Original form, Romance Symphony – with its soaring synth-strings, "for you" female vocal wails and fat, chunky b-line – sits right on the deep/prog border. Nick Hogendoorn's remix takes us more unequivocally into proggy territory, and will no doubt suit the relevant jocks down to the ground, but it's the Nick Devon and Seva K rubs, which go the other way and head off down the path marked 'just plain deep', that are – unsurprisingly – doing it best for me.

Nick's mix is a sparse, stripped-back affair with some cool jazz piano added, while the Seva K Dub is, er, even more sparse and stripped-back, and a bit warmer and dubber. And to be honest it's very hard to choose between 'em… I guess Nick's is a bit more club-friendly whereas Seva K's is more your post-club, zoning out on the sofa kinda thang, but I'm digging the two pretty much equally.

Making this something of a must-have.

Out: This week

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