Sunday, 15 July 2012

O.O.R.S - Callabonna Grove

O.O.R.S Callabonna Grove Sudup Recordings
Seems like ages since we heard anything from O.O.R.S, AKA Matt Evans… so this reappearance on Sudup Recordings is rather welcome.

Especially since you get four quite different mixes to choose from. The Original is a very deep, moody houser that alternates between passages of frenzied hand percussion and passages that are beat-free. The Dlay Remix adds BIG muted kicks for a proper 5am dark room groover, while Silver City man Julian Sanza injects a little rump-shakin' funk and some sparkly, head-gone-astray synths. And then finally, Moodymanc concentrates on the percussive elements to produce something that's altogether sunnier and outdoors-y.

Or to sum it all up: deep, bumpin' and uncompromisingly underground house music. Welcome back O.O.R.S

Out: This week

About: Sudup Recordings are a new label to me I must admit, but they seem to live mainly on MySpace.

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