Friday, 6 July 2012

A7L - The Best Of Time

A7L The Best Of Time Fahrenheit
Right then, not sure how many reviews you're gonna get tonight…  it's been a stressful few days what with deadline week at the day job and the girlf being in hospital. But there's at least time to tell you about this one, a) because it's great and b) because there's just the one mix.

What a mix it is, though. The Best Of Time consists of little more than straight-up house beats, a rumblin, bubblin' bass-synth riff and female power-vox… and not even all that all at once, a lot of the time. There's space in the production here you could comfortably navigate a smallish galactic nebula through.

This is big, echo-y, tuff and credible vocal house in the classic NYC stylee, made for big speakers, big rooms and very little lighting, and the only thing wrong with it is it ends too soon! It's like 1995 all over again. Me like.

Out: This week

About: A7L are the Italian duo of Luca Meeucci and Andrea Sutera, and on this particular outing they've had a little help from the label owner, who just so happens to be none other than… Mario Piu. Proof that house really does conquer all eventually! Anyway, it's on Mr Piu's Fahrenheit Music… their website seems to be STILL 'under construction' but hey.

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