Saturday, 21 July 2012

MJC - Maniak

Due to family commitments TIWWD is pretty much out of action this weekend… normal service will be restored tomorrow night so check back then. In the meantime, as that will no doubt leave you feeling inconsolably forlorn, like there's a gaping hole in your life*, it seems fitting to take a little trip to the darkside with this slab of ominous, menacing techno.

Two cuts on offer, Maniak and the equally upliftingly-titled Neck Pain. Both sound like they might have been recorded on the set of a Saw movie (think cavernous disused warehouses) and neither are gonna go down too well at your Auntie Mavis's birthday party. But, crucially, neither are they stupidly in-your-face and gnarly.

Both cuts keep the BPM at a sensible level and are more psychological horror than splatter flick, making them eminently suitable for those exploring the more druggy, twisted depths of tech-house or dubstep who want to turn the dark up a little.

Right, I'm actually off to my niece's birthday party now. In the wilds of Essex. Wish me luck and I'll see ya tomorrow.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Italian techno label N.O.I.A Records

*All right probably not

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