Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nick Harris – Redux EP

Nick Harris Redux EP Stoned Immaculate
In which the Bristol native and NRK main man shows the young 'uns a thing or two about how it's done!

This is the third release on Nick's new label Stoned Immaculate. So it's quite fitting that the A-side, a pulsing, throbbing and very 'now' tech-house cut called Stoned Immaculate Theme, uses the well-known Jim Morrison sample. With something of that lavish Garnier feel to the production, this would work well on house and techno floors alike.

However it's actually B-side Situation that I'm feeling the most, wherein Nick makes great use of a vocal I personally know from Joey Negro's Got To Make The Best Of A Love Situation from back in ’93 (though it may well have come from somewhere else originally, for all I know). Musically, the track's just as current sounding as Theme but a little more overtly house-fied as well, with a neat chiming keyboard line and a pleasingly understated but full-phat b-line. There's a Dub as well, which is more or less just an instrumental, but for me hearing that vocal again is the whole point!

Still, a fine package all round, basically. Nice one Nick.

Out: This week

About: Although Stoned Immaculate is Nick's personal project, the best place to find 'em is still via the NRK Music website, it says here. They're on Soundcloud as well though. Oh and look, they're on Facebook as well. They're all over the ruddy place!

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