Thursday, 5 July 2012

Soundealers – I Know You Want Me

Soundealers I Know You Want Me King Street
Just one more quickly tonight… and it's another gem from that rather excellent bundle of King Street promos I mentioned recently. This one comes from the currently much talked-about Soundealers, on the mothership King Street label itself.

There are just the two mixes. On the A is the Night Mix from Langenberg, a shufflin' midtempo groover with very busy production full of atmospheric washes, insistent shakers, solid but muted kicks and, most importantly, the underlying throbbing vox-as-bassline riff. It's cool, but the real beauty here for me is the B-side's Rey & Kjavik Remix, which is based around a simple looping three-note synth/organ riff. It's actually got a full vocal, but it's a) whispered and b) placed so far back in the mix that you could be forgiven for hardly noticing it's there… a vocal screamer this certainly isn't.

Instead, you can file it under "sparse, stripped-down grooves, aimed fair and square at the proper heads that are still on the floor at 5am". And we like that kind of thing round these 'ere parts, don't we?

Out: This week

About: I told you you'd be seeing this link to the King Street website a fair bit!

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