Sunday, 15 July 2012

Beaucrat – Loyalty

Beaucrat Loyalty Dance Through Life
Oh cruel fate… why do you mock me? No sooner do I have a pop at records with 80s synth-pop vocals than along comes one that blows me away.

That said, I was moaning about 80s synth-pop vocals… the vocal here's reminiscent not so much of pop as of coldwave and that weird hinterland where goth, industrial and synth-pop collided. In its original form, Loyalty is a low-slung, slow-grinding slab of, er… let's try "gothic industrial funk"… that reminds me of a lot of forgotten bands from the early-mid 80s – the kind that signed to Factory or Fon but didn't get very far. If the names Two Thieves & A Liar or Slab mean anything to you, you'll dig this for sure; other points of reference might be early Chameleons, The March Violets, Landscape or The Chameleons, though that's not to say this really sounds like any of them.

If that's a bit too full-on gothic/punk-funk for you though, there are plenty of remix options. Ivan Fernandez serves up a proggy dark-room throbber, Mike Terra's Warehouse In Brooklyn Remix is another doomy, dark but still floor-oriented pass while Jay Dynan goes "fuck it", chops up the vocal and throws in a mid-90s organ over Chicago warehouse beats. All those rubs make use of that distinctive vocal to a greater or lesser degreee; if you'd sooner avoid it altogether then tech-y/proggy rubs from Pao Calderon, Chester Hare and Cristain Benicasa will see you right, though I can't help feeling that'd be missing the point somewhat.

One of the most truly original records I've heard in a long time. As such it's something of a curveball for this blog, admittedly, but check it our for yourself all the same.

Out: This week

About: This comes on New York's Dance Through Life, who you can find here, here and here (web, Facebook, Soundcloud)

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