Thursday, 5 July 2012

This Chris – Framed EP

This Chris Framed EP
Something of a change of pace now! It's been a while since I had anything through from Junglepress, so much so that I was beginning to think I'd fallen off their list… so it was with great pleasure that, just the other day, I downloaded this brand-new slab of liquid funk action from Plush Recordings.

There are three tracks on offer, and while all three certainly fit under the liquid funk banner, let's be clear: we're talking the firing, energetic High Contrast/Hospital Records end of the liquid spectrum, as opposed to the mellow, ambient/intelligent side of things.

There's no great reinventing of wheels going on, admittedly. And I'm not sure how popular this sound actually is on the D&B scene 'proper' right now, which as far as I can see seems to be all about either 190mph tear-outs with big stoopid trance/electro synths,  or dark, moody, dubstep-informed minimalism. The former, I think is shit… the latter I do like, but it's a very boys-y music.

Whereas liquid, well… that was always the sort of D&B that girls and househeads and jazzers can dig too. And there's not a huge amount of it about, so these three soul-infused, yet uptempo and floor-friendly grooves are very welcome indeed – the atmospheric title track particularly.

Out: This week

About: This Chris is, we're informed, a "local producer"… except being told that by a label based jointly in Denver and South London doesn't actually help a great deal! Never mind though, I can at least tell you that his full name is Chris Jameson… and I can also tell you once more that Plush Recordings are an excellent label that can be found at their website and on Facebook.

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