Thursday, 26 July 2012

Jesus Pablo – Playing In The Sun

Jesus Pablo Playing In The Sun Headset
And speaking of very familiar names, here comes house music's busiest Liverpudlian once more.

Everyone seems to be doing the laidback, summer-y thing at the moment and Playing In The Sun, as the name suggests, operates pretty much in just that kinda territory. Dale Howard's remix beefs things up a notch but the standouts here are a brace of rubs from the mighty Jay Tripwire. His Deep Mix is, well, pretty gosh-darn deep – in a 'small hours in a dark club' kinda way as opposed to a 'getting mellow on the beach' way – and brings the meandering sax line to the fore, while his Warehouse Mix is darker, more twisted and, generally speaking, pretty spiffing all round.

Quality stuff as ever from Senor Pablo.

Out: This week

About: This comes on San Francisco's Headset Recordings… so here are the website Facebook and Soundcloud links you'll no doubt be expecting.

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