Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sergio Fernandez – Modern Rock EP

Sergio Fernandez Modern Rock Cray1 Labworks
We move now more into deep/tech (as opposed to straight-up deep house) territory, with the latest from Spain's ever-checkable Cray1 Labworks.

Modern Rock itself is tuff and techy, a percussion-driven affair just made for Balearic terraces. It's fit for purpose without a doubt, but to these ears the remix by Hector Couto and label owners Soulrack and Mikel_E does it better: it's deeper, warmer and more musical, foregrounding various snippets of (M/F) spoken vocal and the bassline rather than the drums. There's some flute in there, too. And then finally there's bonus cut Dokser, which fuses the warmer sounds of deep house with the kind of tuff drums we used to always associate Spanish house with, back when Chus, Ceballos and the Stereo crew were about the only players in the game!

A solid offering that'll keep the underground floors moving for sure.

Out: This week

About: Cray1 Labworks' website seems to have been 'under construction' since the days of General Franco, but you can at least find all their contact details there… for any other information, Facebook or MySpace are your best bet.

Oh, and you can HEAR the Couto/Soulrack/Mikel_E remix on Soulrack's own Soundcloud as well

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