Monday, 23 July 2012

So many tunes, so little time 23

Still a bit behind with stuff unfortunately so before we crack on with this week's reviews, here's the 'best of the rest' round-up from last week that you should have had yesterday!

First up, Andrew Grant & Lomez give us Has To Be Love EP on Teej & Co's My Favorite Robot, a four-tracker mixing up contemporary deep house and nu-disco flavas. The title track's spoilt for me by the 80s synth-pop vocals (as recently discussed) but you might not mind, and it's worth checking anyway for (the largely instrumental) Be Free and Distant Thunder… the Bora Bora EP on Pornographic Records features three very solid tech-house cuts from Cristian Varela, DJ Jock and Jose Anvelo… Federico's Two Days EP is home to two very fine deep house tracks that TBH really deserved a bigger review than this, and comes on Unrivaled Music… on a progressive house tip, Stereo FX give us Open Your Mind, a three-track EP from Frangellico with Case 39 particularly worthy of your attention… the 'oddest name of the week' award goes to Furrr & Hazendonk, who bring us some straight-up house goodness in the form of Barend Botje, which comes on Manual offshoot Melomane… Blacksican from Konstress is more very checkable deep/tech house bizniss and comes on the ALWAYS checkable Four Fingers Hand…  Mehmet Akar's The Light Goes On, brought to you by Stripped Digital, comes in seven mixes ranging from downtempo to progressive and tech-house, with the dark n' moody Kastis Torrau & Arnas D Remix doing it best for me… Slow Burn from Rob Hes could sit well in both techno and progressive house sets, and comes on Sounds Of Earth… if that's too hard/dark for you then perhaps Sunshine Jones's soul-infused house grooves will suit you better? If so, such can be found this week on the Dubtribe man's Dirty Love EP for Nite Grooves, coming in four mixes ranging from Latin-tinged to disco-y to surprisingly techy… alternatively if it IS pumping and technoid you're after then the V/A Format Vol 1 EP on Binary 404 should suit you down to the ground… Yohan Esprada & Lorena Rich take us back into deep house territory with the rather excellent Phoenix Of Love on UM Records, another one that definitely deserved a much bigger review had I not run out of time! And then finally for tonight's purposes, Italy's Deeperfect have managed to sign up the legendary Zoo Brazil, who gives us the bouncy tech-houser Founder, which comes accompanied by a techier rub from label boss Stefano Noferini.

I'd say "that's your lot" but it isn't… there's a couple more gems from last week that definitely need a full review, but those will have to wait till tomorrow now.

In the meantime, THANKS ALSO to: A. Rodriguez, Alexis Raphael, Caio Jardini, Cori Josias, Danny Siberia, Dennis Yashin, DJ Fronter, Lucent, Mr Bizz, Rodion & Mammarella, Squicciariaini, Nick Vono & Alexbi, Steeve Mask [sic] and Supernova, all of whom have singles out this week… as ever there's some good stuff in there for sure so do have a peep if you can!

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