Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dave Mayer & Ebbo Riginal – Your Story

Dave Mayer Ebbo Riginal Your Story Seamless Soul
The latest here from Seamless Soul, who definitely seem to be going for the 'quality not quantity' approach with their release schedule!

And quality is the word here, have no doubt. Your Story is a soulful house cut that – unlike a lot of such tackle in recent years, sad to say – isn't all muso-y and polite and oh-so-freakin'-earnest, and actually has nice solid kicks and a proper big hip-shakin' bassline! Said b-line is topped by a spoken vocal that sounds like it might be sampled from an evangelist or self-help guru or black power dude or something, hi-hats that chish-chish along nicely and some lovely energising jazzy piano/organ licks. Think west coast circa 2000-4.

Simply accompanied by a more percussion-led dub, this is, equally simply, soulful house as it should be: with plenty of funk in its veins and plenty of bump in its grooves. Niceness.

Out: This week

About: This comes, as I said, on Seamless Soul. Here's their Facebook and Soundcloud.

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