Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lee Perez – Get U/Kinda Strange

Lee Perez Get U Unrivaled Music
Covering Bizarre Inc's I'm Gonna Get You Baby in a 2012 house stylee… it sounds like a terrible idea on paper, doesn't it? But, while it's possible to see this not finding favour in certain more earnest, chin-stroking sections of the house community, it's got to be said… it's actually quite good.

The familiar electric piano riff shines through in full effect, and there's even a snatch of the "Yo DJ pump this party rap," but the vocal – shamelessly burned from the mighty Jocelyn in the first place, of course – appears only in heavily filtered form, to such an extent that there'll no doubt be those who, on hearing this in a club, may wonder if they really heard it at all! Underneath it all, meanwhile, thoroughly modern beats, production and – crucially – tempo mean this will slot right into a contemporary house set, no problem.

On the B, Kinda Strange isn't particularly strange at all… instead it's a very playable tech-houser, stripped down to beats and the sound of distant sirens at the outset, then building slowly with vocal incantations and… oh, no, that pretty much IS it! Think deep house informed by the methods of deep, dubby techno and you're somewhere in the ballpark.

All told, then, another strong offering from Unrivaled Music.

Out: This week

About: You can find Unrivaled at the usual place.

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