Tuesday, 3 July 2012

D McAleese – Far Out

D McAleese Far Out
Far out by name, far out by nature here, as D McAleese – a new name to me – manages to hit that elusive golden spot where a track is familiar-sounding and hence dancefloor-friendly, yet innovative and distinctive at the same time.

This he achieves by taking a very familiar sound – a big 1990s-style M1 organ riff – then running one note of said riff through a pitch-bend effect. I know… ridiculously simple, isn't it? Yet I can't think of another track I've ever heard that does this. So what you end up with is cut that would be just AN Other organ tune (not that that's ever stopped me from loving a record, you understand) with a sampled "thinking about you" vocal… but is instead something that truly makes ears prick up.

Mix-wise, you can take your pick from the warm, organic-sounding Original, Loonic's heads-down, tech-house pass with its crisp 909s, or Reece Johnson's more stripped-down and techier Too Far Rework. Makes no odds really: it's that one nifty little production trick that makes this a winner.

Just… producers! Don't all start doing it now, eh?

Out: This week

About: This comes on Ormskirk, Lancashire-based Discotech… a label who'd have had more props on here before had they told me when stuff's out! They seem to have grasped the importance of that particular piece of information now though, so expect to hear more about 'em in future cos they do put out some cool tuneage. Meantime to find out what you've been missing, hit up their Facebook and Soundcloud pages.

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