Friday, 27 July 2012

FREE EP Toob – Chop House Vol 2

Here's another one I was meant to tell you about last week but didn't manage to get around to. But better late than never, eh? What we have here, then, are four tracks of forward-thinking house/techno for your free downloading pleasure courtesy of Jakeone and Rich Thair, AKA Toob.

As the player's right there I won't bother describing them in detail, so instead here's Toob have to say about themselves:

Jakeone and Rich Thair have been making music together as Toob since the murky mid-2000s, clocking up two albums (on Lo Recordings and Process Recordings), three EPs, seven 12″s, one 7″ and a handful of remixes. All this has led to gigs across the UK, Europe and Russia, and a fan base reaching even further.

As well as Toob they keep themselves consistently busy with alternative ventures – other bands, soundtracks for American cop shows, helping run East London recording studios and realising sound art projects, to name a few. Now Toob are putting this passion into the launch of their own blog and a series of free digital EPs, collectively titled ‘Chop House’.

And now we've got that sorted… here's the EP!

More info:

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