Saturday, 7 July 2012

Malbetrieb & Rik Woldring – Diepe Vlakte EP

Malbetrieb & Rick Woldring Diepe Vlakte EP
Some typically deep underground house vibes here from Sebastian Davidson's Nightbird Music.

Diepe Vlakte itself is a dub-informed cut sitting right on the deep house/deep techno borders, with the tiniest of chopped-up breathy female vocal snips sitting atop a fractured pulsating groove tailor-made for late-night smoking sessions. On the B, Vlakke Diepte is in a similar vein; this one's perhaps a little more floor-friendly but we'd be still only talking warm-up/afterhours play and it'd be equally at home on the sofa. And then finally there's a third bonus slab of deepness in the form of Malbetrieb & Sebastian Davidson's Song For M.

'Uncompromising' is the word here… this is proper head music for losing yourself in, not one for dropping at your cousin Trevor's stag night, as Nightbird continue to explore house music's more cerebral fringes.

Out: This week

About: You can find Nightbird Music on Soundcloud and Facebook. And Diepe Vlakte and Vlakke Diepte are I believe Dutch for, roughly translated, "deep and simple" and "simply deep" or something like that. Thank you, Google Translate.

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