Monday, 16 July 2012

Danny O – Bossa EP

Danny O Bossa EP Hype Muzik
It's a tale of two Dannies on TIWWD tonight… first up is Danny O, who serves up an EP of very contemporary-sounding deep/tech house on Essex label Hype Muzik.

Bossa itself, or rather Bossa Nights, works what I THINK is a tiny bite from that classic, "It's just like when you get a cup of coffee that's too black, which means it's too strong" sample, pairing it with a simple two-note bass/synth parp and beats that are so stripped back, toppy and minimal that, while all very 'now' and that, they also remind me of Azuli Black's excursions into the more far-out regions of two-step back circa 2000… only in 4/4 rather than two-step time.

It's accompanied by Bossa Beats, which ISN'T the even-more-stripped pass you might be expecting, but an altogether funkier deep house groove reminiscent of classic west coast bizniss. Elsewhere on the EP, Comfort Zone is more now-sounding deep/tech goodness, while Don't Be Alarmed is a more glitchy, minimal-leaning cut.

With a range of styles on offer, this is Hype's best in while for my money.

Out: Tomorrow

About: Hype Muzik is part of the Stripped Muzik family… as I'm sure you know by now.

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