Thursday, 12 July 2012

Simon Firth – Visions EP

Simon Firth Visions EP Endemic Digital
Let's follow that 'nice simple two-tracker' with an 'only marginally more involved three-tracker' from Simon Firth, coming on Endemic Digital. Sorry, I know that's a really lazy-arsed way of going about reviewing records but I've got a headache!

This is billed on the hype sheet as "progressive house/deep house" and yeah, that pretty much covers it. Visions itself sits right on the cusp of the two sub-genres, a gradually building instrumental epic made more for listening than the dancefloor I'd say but pleasing all the same. No More is more floor-friendly and leans a little more towards the deep side of the equation; it's also got something of that Morricone-ish expansive, soundtrack-y kinda feel about it. And then finally Visions itself is another midtempo instrumental, this time with the progressive influences most evident.

Solid stuff from Endemic that will go down well with those who like their grooves on the slow-burning, soundscape-y side of things.

Out: This week

About: You ought to know where to find Endemic by now!

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