Friday, 30 September 2011

FREE ALBUM! Echoes (The Remixes) - Renegade Media

Well then, here's a treat for a Friday night… a 12-track remix album from Renegade Media, the Toronto label run by rising world dub/reggae star Dubmatix. And it's free.

I won't bang on about it, cos you can hear it for yourself, obviously. Suffice to say if you like your dub vibes – from classic dub to digidub to dubstep – you seriously need this. And given the bargain-tastic price of precisely nothing, it'd be seriously rude not to grab yourself a copy!

Out: Well, now, obviously. Duh.

About: As Renegade Media has just given me/you a whole album for free, it'd be rather remiss of me not to at least include a link to their website, n'est-ce pas? If you dig the above then there's whole lot more to love from this excellent label so go explore...

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