Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ivan Dibri - Archaic

Keeping the BPM count down after the EP below, here's a quality slab of uber-deepness from NYC-based Mexican producer Ivan Dibri, coming on Austin, Texas label Harmonious Discord.

The title track is a meandering, down-to-midtempo affair with echoes of E2E4 in its use of rainforest sounds. It might sound a little bit arty or pretentious but it isn't really, it's just a beautiful piece of sonic sculpture (oops, who's being arty/pretentious now?). Henry Chow's remix beefs up the beats a little but if you do want something for floor play, it's Patchen's Cowboys In Space Mix you'll be needing – and even then we're talking warm-up or late-night play on the deepest of floors only.

Rounding out the EP, Balearic Playa Del Carmen puts the obligatory mournful Spanish guitar licks over a crisp deep house/deep techno backing and tops the lot off with violin scrapes and sampled speech that may or may not be reversed – either that or it's in some language I've never heard before – while finally Solitudine is more yer straight-up deep techno affair, of the kind that'll appeal equally to deep house lovers (it wouldn't sound out of place on Fullbarr Digital, f'rinstance).

Another very solid bet for those post-club sessions, then.

Out: This week (Thursday, to be precise)

About: As I said, Harmonious Discord are based in Austin, Texas and can be found on Facebook, Soundcloud, MySpace and Tumblr, as well as at their own website.

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