Monday, 19 September 2011

Some other recent goodies (round-up, part 1)

So much good music, so little time! In the interests of fairness, then, let's have one of our semi-regular round-ups of the past week's other checkable releases… not in any particular order.

Chuck Cogan – The Secret Garden/Intensity
Following his series of deep-meets-prog releases, Mr Cogan changes tack slightly here and goes down a
somewhat techier path. The Secret Garden is a decent slab of cinematic Detroit but it's the acid-bubblin' Intensity that's doing it more for me.
Label: Ooze Recordings

Mauritzio feat Levern – Wanna Be
The latest from the reborn Black Vinyl sees the label back in familiar soulful, Afro-tinged territory. But my pick here would be the 4am Mix, which eschews the earnest ethno-stylings in favour of an ultra-deep, trad NJ gar-ahge kinda vibe.
Label: Black Vinyl

Autodeep – For Too Long EP
Coming on the new-ish So Sound offshoot, Umalu, this 'indie-dance/nu-disco' cut (in their words) sounds a little too like Freakpower for comfort… but luckily Toomy Disco is on hand with a remix just dripping in his trademark disco dust.
Label: Umalu Recordings

Duca – Ninja Warrior
Sitting somewhere between tech- and disco-house, this is a no-nonsense, hi-octane chugger made for keeping booties moving on
dancefloors, no more no less. If you can remember Full Intention's I Love America or Kacoc's Night Train, you're somewhere in the ballpark.
Label: Desert Trax

Stickbubbly – Patience EP
A serviceable dubstep four-tracker that's got plenty of gnarly bottom-end for the bass-face generation, yet that lifts itself above the morass of chav-step with some interesting textures and melodies. Patience itself is by far the strongest cut.
Label: LU10

Lyle Quach – The Indian Groove
If you're getting a bit bored of that whole 'tech-house plus gypsy violins/accordia' schtick, then how about some tech-house plus Indian sitars? A world-changer The Indian Groove may not be, but Mr Quach is at least trying to flip the script, for which he deserves kudos.
Label: Yellowjax Recordings

Q-Burns Abstract Message ft Lisa Shaw – Innocent
New mixes from Presslaboys take this soulful number featuring one of the finest voices in dance music in a slightly more big room direction… but not so much so as to spoil it, don't worry!
Label: Eighth Dimension

Valentina – Milky Thoughts
A single-tracker from Italy's Beenoise, doing the minimal techno thing with more aplomb – and considerably more funk – than most. Nice.
Label: Beenoise

Beltek – Kaiten
Another single-tracker, this time from Umek's 1605 stable. It's about as full-on techno as TIWWD would ever care to go but, as with the Valentina release, it's got that all-important funk flowing through its veins for sure. By the bucketload, in fact – 'techno disco' would probably the best description I could give you.
Label: 1605 Music Therapy

Onionz – Begunnin'/Stankin'
Two BIG peaktime house tracks from a past master of the genre, on his own Electrik Soul imprint. Begunnin' is the more immediate standout thanks to its cheeky use of a very familiar funk sample (I won't spoil it), but the deeper/techier Stankin' is definitely worth a dip too.
Label: Eclectic Soul

Kyodai – Mi Rumba EP
I don't think Freerange love me any more since iDJ closed… leastways they never replied to my emails and I've not had owt from them since. So I'd feel perfectly justified in sulking but this is a typically forward-leaning slab of house/techno and deserves a shout at least.
Label: Freerange

That's your lot for tonight. There's a few more to tell you about tomorrow, and then we'll crack on with THIS week's bits and pieces…

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