Monday, 5 September 2011

Lula Circus - Miami Vices EP

After two years in the promotions game, the folks behind NYC club night Stranjjur have taken the logical next step and formed their own record label. And this debut release, from an Italian duo who've had stuff out before on Culprit, is an absolute cracker.

Deep, techy house is the basic order of the day across all of the EP's six tracks/mixes, but that's not to say there's no variety. Miami Vice itself is a lo-slung, dirty funker in its Original form, then in the hands of MANIK becomes a big techy throbber; Pumpin' Groovin' is a deep dancefloor delight on the Original or a slo-mo prog cut on Pezzner's remix; while the tiniest hints of nu-disco and deep Jersey garage grace So In Love and Smell Of Hell respectively.

Pumpin' Groove (the original) or the MANIK mix of Miami Vice are my faves, but as I said, a very strong EP all round and a fantastic debut for the Brooklyn-based imprint.

Out: Today

About: Don't know what else I can tell you about Stranjjur really, except that you can find them on Facebook and Soundcloud and that the club night has a YouTube channel as well

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