Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Marvin Zeyss - In My Arms EP

A brand new label, and a newish young German producer to boot. Mr Zeyss has had stuff out on iRecords and 1 Trax in the past year or so, I'm told, but I have to admit TIWWD is gonna have to treat him as a newbie today… which makes the quality of this four-track EP all the more impressive.

In My Arms in its original form is a lively, driving deep houser from the outset, then goes into an extended breakdown in the midsection before coming back strong with those whooshy kicks again. A 1am kinda tune, to these ears. Remix duties are taken care of by Giom, a producer in whose hands good things have a habit of happening… and his remix of In My Arms is no exception, as he loses the possibly slightly over-dramatic breakdown and gives the track a healthy injection of added funk instead – quality.

And speaking of funk… the other cut here is Between Your Legs, which is an altogether jauntier affair than the above. As with In My Arms, though, I can't help feeling the Original tries to cram too many ideas into one track, the rolling organic funk at the beginning sitting somewhat uneasily, to these ears, with the more glitchy, cut-up midsection. So again it's the remix that's floating my boat more, the Luzz Vs Obrien Remix to give it a name, which goes down more of a 'classic stripped-down house' route.

Still, for a producer who made his debut only last year, this is very impressive stuff indeed – let's hope there's plenty more to come.

Out: This week

About: As I said, as well as marking Mr Zeyss's first appearance on TIWWD this is also the debut release from a brand new label, UM Records. The guys behind it are no novices, though – as the hype sheet kindly points out: "New Zealand's UM Records is the latest project from untitledmusic, the deep house ‘brand’ that encompasses a blog, a worldwide weekly radio show on eNation, Deepvibes, and Westradio, and [a] deep house fan group on Facebook." To find out more, visit them on Soundcloud or check out the aforesaid Facebook group or their own brand new Facebook page.

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