Friday, 9 September 2011

The Bionics – Love Chains

We've had quite a lot of tech-house today so let's go now to the other extreme with this slice of new-old-retro-future funk. In other words, I don't know what it is baby, but sure looks funky… to coin a phrase.

It might help if I told you that The Bionics are Crazy P's Danielle Moore and Tim Davies plus Paper's own Ben Davis, AKA Flash Atkins. And that Love Chains is every bit as groovy as you'd expect from such a combo and that yes, of course it's got Danielle singing on it, which in and of itself generally makes anything all right, any time, anyway.

So all you need to know now is that the original's a down-to-midtempo affair with something of a slo-mo house feel and some hefty acid squelches, Mic Newman's remix maintains the languid tempo but brings some warm Rhodes chords and LOTS of reverb to the party, Neil Diablo accentuates the fat funk b-line and the Balearic elements, and then last but by no means least, Max Essa ups the BPMs and takes us to the (nu) disco.

Oh yeah and that all four are pretty darned spiffing and you should probably, like, buy this or something.

Out: Ah now, y'see. It just says Septemer. So either now or at some point in the next three weeks, what can I tell ya?

About: This comes on Paper Recordings, whose reinvention of themselves as purveyors of more leftfield grooves – rather than endlessly regurgitating the kind of Brit-deep they made their name with in the 90s* – seems to be working rather well, don't you think?

*That's not to say I didn't love the old Paper, I've got more Paper records than you've had hot dinners and damn it I actually BOUGHT most of 'em! I'm just saying, it's good to see 'em moving on as well.

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