Sunday, 25 September 2011

Les Loups - Side To Side

On the hype sheet, Philipp Landmann from Les Loups describes this as "a homage to old skool house". That's quite important to note, because the Original here is the kind of French disco house that ruled the late 90s, faithfully recreated – no more no less.

There's a big resurgence of interest in that sound right now, of course, as has been noted on this blog not a few times. But for old gits like me who heard enough first time around, of more interest right now are the remixes. The She Said Disco Mix takes the tempo right now and adds some birdsong, party noise and suchlike, turning Side To Side into a slo-mo Balearic gem, while the Ohyeah Remix sticks with the retro disco-house vibe but then ups the ante by throwing in an even older-skool Ital-style piano riff.

Maybe not the most ground-breaking release of the month, but good clean nostalgic fun nonetheless.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Umalu Recordings, an offshoot off Jazzy Eyewear's So Sound Recordings label. You can find Umalu on MySpace, visit the So Sound mothership's website or find Hamburg-based Les Loups (and HEAR THIS) on Soundcloud.

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