Monday, 26 September 2011

Yovovich - Answear EP

And while we're on the subject of deep, techy numbers that don't really do much or go anywhere much at all, but sound Pretty Damn Fine while they're not doing it/not going there, here's a brace more courtesy of Yovovich, on this latest from Unrivaled Music.

Given that both Answear and the accompanying 0143pm are, as I believe I've just made clear, pretty sparse and minimal, and given that Unrivaled haven't supplied any information as to Yovovich's pedigree/country of origin/shoe size/etc, this'll be quite a short entry. But yeah, if you like it seriously deep you won't go wrong here. And for what it's worth, of the two quite similar-sounding tracks, 0143pm has just a little more floor-friendly bounce to it.

Out: This week. Today, in fact. As is usually the case on a Monday.

About: Find Unrivaled Music online here.

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